PhD Thesis

Four years of research: find my PhD thesis, its abstract and more information below. I defended my PhD research on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 of the Eindhoven University of Technology. If you would like to receive a copy of my thesis (Funk, 2011), please let me know.

Model-driven Design of Self-observing Products


How to get high-quality information about product usage in the field–from the field? This thesis introduces adaptive observation as a novel approach to remote data collection. This research explored what kinds of data and information can be collected and how meaningful information can be extracted, when adaptive observation is designed and used in the context of a product, and who should be involved in this process.

The PhD project was carried out in the context of a larger project (check out the project website) funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In this context, I had the chance to collaborate with great people in both academic (Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, and Computer Science at TU/e) and industrial settings, to name a few: Philips Consumer Lifestyle + Applied Technologies + Healthcare + Design + InnoHub, Océ R&D, TomTom, Irdeto R&D. Thank you!

So, how does it continue? First of all, the research resulted in a software toolset, which is currently commercialised by UXsuite GmbH, Cologne. Second, the academic track continues in my current research (and education) about designing with data.


  1. adative, collection, data, dpuis, observation, ...

    Funk, M. (2011). Model-driven Design of Self-observing Products [PhD thesis]. Eindhoven University of Technology.


In 2011, the research got a bit of press coverage. Find some links below: