There is plenty of information here on past courses, workshops and individual student projects. If you are interested in your own project, I have a few suggestions for Final Bachelor projects, Master Research projects, or Final Master projects at ID.


In the department of Industrial Design, I’m responsible for several courses catering to the Expertise Areas “Technology & Realization” and “Math, Data Computing”. The topics range from the basics in Processing and Arduino at first year Bachelor level to designing information products and complex systems at Master level. [more, tbd shortly]

Design workshops

Group Music Improvisation workshops

This workshop invites scholars, practitioners and students of design and design research, especially those with a keen interest in designing for performances, musical expression and blurring the line between designing and using. During this workshop you explore how to design in the context of distributed, networked interfaces, dynamic input-output mappings and emergent aesthetics. You do this in the context of group music performance. [more]

Design for Social Interaction in Public Spaces

A series of international workshops in China from 2013 – 2015. [more]

Student projects

You can find an updated list of student theses (Bachelor and Master) in the repository of Eindhoven University of Technology.