This page is about making: research and creative projects that I pursued over the past years and which also helped me understand new technologies and concepts.

Research software


OOCSI, short for ‘Out of Control for Semantic Interactivity’, is a simple, easy-to-use connection fabric that allows designers to easily create distributed systems. OOCSI is a message-based connectivity layer, event bus and RPC middleware that connects clients running Processing, plain Java, Python, Arduino ESP (C/C++), JavaScript (HTML5 web sockets; Node.js), OSC (Pd, MaxMSP, …) and more. OOCSI covers platforms such as desktop, mobile (iOS, Android), and embedded platforms (e.g., ESP). Clients can exchange semantic data via messages and channels, communicate synchronously and asynchronously, and build flocks of micro-services. The server component of OOCSI is built in Java and maintained as an open source project as well. There is also a growing library of examples for systems design building blocks such as synchronization, election and consensus algorithms.


PULP is a software for authoring interactive screen-based experiences on the web or on mobile platforms. Unlike other, similar tools (and there are quite some), PULP is based on a new language. This language allows to express concepts of interaction directly in relation to visual elements that are interacted with and upon. The software package is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. [more]

Creative Projects

Bassfrucht + Foramel

Bassfrucht is a playground for all kinds of artistic ideas and spleens. Founded together with Ansgar Silies, Bassfrucht evolved from being started as a jazz band to experimental electronic music, art and performances. [more]

Some years ago, the Bassfrucht collective decided to start a label on the Internet: Foramel. For those who do not know about net labels, this is basically a website that provides access to (free) music, released in the mp3 format (only). There might be better definitions of what net audio is about, but this one matches our ideas. Foramel features dreamy, story-telling electronic music, often with a twist. So far, there are about 14 releases to enjoy.

Laser concerts

A collaboration of NachtmannSilies (laser) and Bassfrucht (electronic live music). The performances mostly span between 30 and 60 minutes and especially the laser works interact extensively with location and setting. Together with the music performance a unique experience is created that is both fascinating and immersive. Laserconcerts is unlike common laser shows, we take an abstract, minimal approach to work with the capabilities of laser technology. [more]

Smokey Joe

Live music from the German countryside, performed by 7 musicians (voc, 2 x tr, tb, git, bs, dr). This band started in the late nineties and continued from then on with almost the same set of members until now. We have played all kinds of venues from festivals in the summer to clubs in the colder months. The music can be described as a mixture between punk, ska and rock influences. I play the drums. Find it here.

Past projects

There are also projects, which are not really active at the moment, find them here.