Past projects

Below you find a selection of past projects, if you miss something or would like to propose a future past project, go ahead (and contact me)!

SessionTimer + SessionTracker

SessionTimer is a free iPad application available from the iOS AppStore that allows you to have a large visual timer running through meetings, pecha kucha events, demonstrations and other time-boxed activities. It has been used already in academic and commercial environments to make sure everybody presenting gets the time he or she was promised – and deserves. [more]

WordPress CiteULike Plugin

wpciteulike enables to add a bibliography maintained with CiteULike formatted as HTML to wordpress pages and posts. It used to be main my driver for generating publication list on this website, well, before the move to a Jekyll-generated static site. This plugin is currently not maintained actively as is the CiteULike website.


Together with Ansgar from Bassfrucht I started avocoda as a place to host experimental web applications that fulfill different needs of the digital age. The two most mature projects were a portfolio sharing tools and a personal informatics tool, called “tricklelist”. All projects and the site are gone now. It was time to move on.

Gelegentliche Öffnungen in der Nachtmaschine

Since I have been in Japan and found joy in writing a diary about the exciting things that happened there, I decided to continue. Both diaries have been written in German, for stylistic reasons and to cater an audience of mostly friends and family.


  • VisuMuskel – midi controller based on charming little monsters being moved around in their playground
  • La Resonateuse – Max/MSP fx plugin, eq’ed band echo
  • LiveRemixing – conceptual musical remixing tool based on Max/MSP
  • Float**** – concept for a video installation interacting with singers performing in reasonably sized roman church
  • LoopLanguage – language concept for sonification of samples and composition of loop-based music (tbc.)

Art and Writing

  • Klapperschrank – sound installation at Kunstverein Dortmund (September 2007)
  • Die Sonde – sound installation at Apel-Höch Dortmund (April 2007)
  • Mission Control – for Livesocks Space Academy
  • AlchimistenLabor – sound installation and opening performance at KulturMagazin Bochum (Fall 2006)
  • The Psst Spy Automatic – interactive system for Livesocks Touristenversteck

Applications and Web

  • CSBMT – intranet for musical collaboration
  • IdeaStore – hierarchical personal database for small items, ideas in a special formatting which represents the activity of single items
  • SubliminalLearning – desktop-based learning system, fading vocabulary synced to slow breathing rhythm