Past projects

Below you find a selection of past projects, if you miss something or would like to propose a future past project, go ahead (and contact me)!


Programming: avocoda hosts experimental web applications that fulfill different needs of the digital age. The two most mature projects are a portfolio sharing tools and a personal informatics tool, called “tricklelist”.

Gelegentliche Öffnungen in der Nachtmaschine

Writing. Since I have been in Japan and found joy in writing a diary about the exciting things that happened there, I decided to continue. Both diaries have been written in German, for stylistic reasons and to cater an audience of mostly friends and family.


  • VisuMuskel – midi controller based on charming little monsters being moved around in their playground
  • La Resonateuse – Max/MSP fx plugin, eq’ed band echo
  • LiveRemixing – conceptual musical remixing tool based on Max/MSP
  • Float**** – concept for a video installation interacting with singers performing in reasonably sized roman church
  • LoopLanguage – language concept for sonification of samples and composition of loop-based music (tbc.)

Art and Writing

  • Klapperschrank – sound installation at Kunstverein Dortmund (September 2007)
  • Die Sonde – sound installation at Apel-Höch Dortmund (April 2007)
  • Mission Control – for Livesocks Space Academy
  • AlchimistenLabor – sound installation and opening performance at KulturMagazin Bochum (Fall 2006)
  • The Psst Spy Automatic – interactive system for Livesocks Touristenversteck

Applications and Web

  • CSBMT – intranet for musical collaboration
  • IdeaStore – hierarchical personal database for small items, ideas in a special formatting which represents the activity of single items
  • SubliminalLearning – desktop-based learning system, fading vocabulary synced to slow breathing rhythm