Photo sharing is not new, not at all. On the web you can find a huge number of different photo sharing site, Flickr, Picasa for instance, but also gallery scripts for every taste (of complexity and style). We think, the former do not allow to keep your traffic on your site, they drag people to their sites. We also think, the latter are too complex – a server installation with obscure PHP requirements is simply not for everyone.

Portfoliocoda is the best match of simple usage and feature richness. It aims at (semi-)professional photographers, designers, artists, and other who just want their photos easily managed on their site. By the way, you don’t even pay for the traffic, sweet!

Contact me for alpha test: firstname.lastname@gmail.com


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Avocoda was planned as the home base of a mini content-management system (CMS) which was written with the intention to provide homepage owners a simple way to change the contents of their pages. Unlike many CMS, it is not a server-side script. Instead, it is a desktop application tailored to changing the individual website. This fact gains a good usability compared to more generic tools. The tool is meant for simple hosting environments without scripting capabilities.

In the end, the miniCMS turned out to be fully functional, but personal and client needs were fading away due to ever cheaper hosting environments with scripting capabilities that made a full CMS easily deployable.

By now, avocoda hosts experimental web applications that fulfill different needs of the digital age. The two most mature projects are a portfolio sharing tool and a personal statistics tool, called “tricklelist”.